Review: In Oxenfree, the End is Never the End is Never the End.

OXENFREE is centered around a group of teenagers, loosely led by main protagonist Alex, who snuck onto — and are trying to get off of — a nearly-abandoned island that harbors a dark extradimensional secret. Its two main plot-forwarding devices: a portable transistor radio and complex dialogue trees.

Review: Dandara is a radical Metroidvania about reclaiming art from fascists

Dandara, a Metroidvania-style platformer from Long Hat House and publisher Raw Fury, has been out on all platforms for a while, but I only just recently completed it on iPadOS. To be completely honest, I got so frustrated with the game in my initial playthrough attempt that I had to put the game down and walk away from it for a long time.

No Escape From Video Games

I was tempted to start No Escape as a response - a spiteful response - to individuals within games media who maintain that the only correct position to take regarding politics in games is the one closest to the middle. No Escape would be a rejection of that position, and on top of that it would be opposed to an even more nefarious force within games discourse that claims games for the reactionary right-wing.

Snapshot: the Week in Video Games April 21-26

What's up everybody, it's officially the weekend, and in lieu of seeing Avengers: Endgame and "vaccinating myself against spoilers," as someone online put it, we're gonna talk about video game happenings from the past week.

Destiny 2: Is Revelry Any Good?

When it comes to Destiny 2, I extremely do not like the Infinite Forest. I’m not a big fan of the planet Mercury in general, whether I’m playing Crucible, strikes, or the weekly Flashpoint. As of now, there are two exceptions, both temporary: the seasonal variations on the Infinite Forest, the Haunted Forest and the Verdant Forest.