Hi everyone. We kinda took a week off from posting. I want to take a second to explain why.

First, as y’all know from my last quick update, my day job has been picking up. One aspect of that is that when I’m on standby, I may get called up to cover for another colleague of mine. We had big storms in Oklahoma on Monday that knocked out power for a lot of folks, including one of those colleagues. I had power, so I had to cover teaching for them. That pretty much knocked Tuesday out for me.

The other thing that kind of gave us pause last week was the wave of stories from survivors of harassment, abuse and sexual assault from men in the games industry. There were a couple reasons we decided not to say anything right when all the stories were still coming out.

  1. We weren’t doing any original reporting on the situation,
  2. and it is VERY easy to write something that makes it sound like we’re trying to make this topic about us. We do not want to do that in any way.

For what it’s worth, I posted a thread about the situation on Twitter.

I’m not going to turn this update into the article I would ideally like to write about this situation, but here’s what I’ll say: institutionally and individually, No Escape does not and will not condone, carry water for, cover a game by, or in any other way support someone who has no problem using his power to coerce, harass, abuse or assault people.

So that accounted for most of the week. What about the rest of it? Well, last night I tried doing a Destiny 2 raid for the first time and I sucked at it, and I have spent the last day or so immersed in the world of Control.

COMING UP: A review of Control, a review of Dead Cells (iOS), the next Dialogue with a Dreg, and first impressions on Blair Witch. Thanks for sticking with us.

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