Gamescom 2019: New Disintegration Gameplay Revealed

V1 Interactive’s Marcus Lehto showed off a new Disintegration gameplay trailer during the Gamescom opening night conference, and spoke to opening night MC Geoff Keighley at length about what kind of game players can expect.

According to Lehto, Disintegration will be a first-person shooter with real-time strategy elements, and will include both a full campaign mode and an extensive multiplayer mode.

Players will start as an Outlaw, Romer Shoal, who pilots a machine known as a Gravcycle. Shoal will lead his squad on guerrilla raids against an enemy known as the Rayonne, who has forced humanity to “integrate” their brains into robotic housing. As battles get more intense, players will have to do some integrating of their own, combining their skills from other FPS titles like Halo and Destiny with battlefield strategies.

Disintegration is coming to PC and consoles in 2020, and it’s being published by Private Division, the publisher behind Outer Worlds.

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