One Whole Month!

Hey y’all,

I passed my one-monthiversary of blogging regularly a couple days ago, and I wanted to take a quick moment — like real quick, Nintendo’s doing its Gamescom indie conference in about an hour and a half — to talk some of the takeaways I’ve learned over the past 30 days. I’ll also cover what I want to be doing in the next month and beyond.

Stats time

So prior to picking up the pace on posting in July, this site got 82 views, total. In July and August alone so far, No Escape has received 914 views. The vast majority of these views have come from the week of July 15 onward, so literally in the past 33 days I have gotten close to a thousand eyes on my writing. I’m really happy with this and I hope to continue making stuff you want to see.

The majority of views have come from the United States, but the United Kingdom has a solid second place finish (probably thanks to that piece on Brash Games/Bonus Stage). Other countries to check No Escape out: Brazil (the Dandara review), Canada, Ireland, Japan and France. That’s pretty neat! Thanks for stopping by.

Twitter and Facebook have been my top referrers this month, followed closely by Google searches and the WordPress Reader. And speaking of WordPress, shoutouts to some new followers: Backlog Crusader, Stephen Brown, EightBitBlonde, Around the Bonfire, Savior699, TheGamingDiaries, and A Geek Girl’s Guide. I appreciate your support a lot, and y’all are also making some great content!

Good stuff time

In another medium, I have spoken at length about the struggle I have with regularly writing or podcasting or putting together content of any kind, thanks in no small part to the wonderful deep depression I live with (and can’t afford to get help for, thanks American healthcare system).

One of my big fears behind starting No Escape and posting in earnest was that I was going to eventually have to face that depression down, and when I did, was I going to be able to win against it, or would it just swallow me and I’d yet again just stop making things? I’m happy to report that I’ve been depressed through much of the last four weeks, and instead of letting it beat me, I’ve managed to near TWO POSTS A DAY on average!

It remains to be seen if things will stay as they are (my brain says they will but who knows), but I’m stoked to have been so prolific during this time.

I’m also really enjoying the flexibility of the content I’m putting out. Having a mix of news and a bit longer features and reviews and first impressions frees me up to write about what I want, as opposed to only writing about something when it’s “on brand.”

However, I’ve also seen some… opportunities for improvement, we’ll say.

Less good stuff time

I’ve decided to drop serialized content for now. Stuff like Boys Diary and the Kill la Kill rewatch series were good ideas and I might come back to them, but I ran into some very big problems that I can’t ignore.

First, they’re incredibly time consuming features to write. Both Boys Diary and Kill la Kill required several hours to play or watch through, and on top of that I have to take notes the entire time. This isn’t so bad for Kill la Kill because I can rewind, but it is entirely not conducive for a video game, especially one like Final Fantasy XV, which wants your undivided attention the whole time.

With Kill la Kill, the big issue is that I’m not sure what I want to say about that show and I don’t know if I’m a good enough critic to say the things I want to say in the way I want to say them. That’s a problem I’m gonna have to work through, so I would expect the Kill la Kill rewatch project to be back sooner than later. Boys Diary, well, we’ll see.

The great thing about being your own editor is that you can make these decisions without hurting your writer’s feelings. (Fuck, though, I really want an editor.)

New stuff time

What does No Escape have coming down the pipeline? A whole bunch of stuff! Gamescom coverage, Apple Arcade coverage, Borderlands 3 stuff (maybe), a BUNCH of mobile coverage including Pokémon Masters, the mobile ports for GRIS and Dead Cells, a self-styled “rogue-lite platformer” called Tombshaft, a very stylish-looking game called Widower’s Sky, and… Digimon ReArise. I also have a bunch of those anime gacha games on my iPhone so who knows, maybe I’ll put something together on that.

With all this stuff, expect more first impressions articles, more videos, more photo galleries and reviews, reviews, reviews! I’ve also got an interview with a labor organizer with the Industrial Workers of the World Freelance Journalists Union that I want to get put out, but it’s slow going. Just know that it IS COMING I PROMISE.

I’m also planning more Xbox One coverage. That stuff is just less certain. All told, though, there isn’t a dearth of things to talk about in video games, and as games intersect with political struggles you’ll be able to find me talking about that here and on Twitter. Just as a note, I’m not going to be giving press to toxic fanbases or shitty developers in this format. I might talk about them on Twitter or retweet a joke about them, but I’m not about to give press coverage to them because to be honest, fuck platforming bigots, Nazis and other harassing shitheads.

Thank you

This first month has been buck wild. I’m glad I’ve decided to stick with blogging (and also actually calling it that instead of freelance journalism, which I would not consider this to be), and I’m glad that y’all like it. Your support in any form means the world to me, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Speaking of support, here are some things you can click on and share or donate to if you want.

Patreon. The No Escape Patreon feed is live, and… I don’t know what to do with it? Lol? I’ve mostly just been posting links to it, so that’s a thing. But I don’t know, I want to do more with that. Send me an email ( or leave a comment below to lemme know what you’d like to see on Patreon if you were a supporter. Theoretically, what would you want to see there, I guess? Anyway it’s a tip jar, so yeah.

Twitter. If you’ve got a twet and you want to follow my twet, that is a great way to support me. I’ll most likely follow you back! So that’s a fun exchange god why is this so awkward just go follow the dang twitter feed I

YouTube. Oh shit I almost forgot about YouTube! I mostly use that as a place to upload my embedded gameplay videos for First Impressions and reviews, but I’ve been thinking about doing more over there as well, things like narrated videos, longer playthroughs/Let’s plays, etc. So go like, subscribe and click the bell for notifications if you want to see the channel slowly rise out of the dirt like a daisy!

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