Hey everyone! We’ll be live-blogging below with coverage from the Nintendo Indie World Showcase starting in a couple minutes!

Kirk Scott and Katie Casper, the Friendly Gamer Introduce us to Risk of Rain 2. Looks like a Roguelike with a random loot system. Published by Gearbox Software “this summer.”

Chucklefish is bringing a game called Eastward to the switch, looks like a classic RPG set in an apocalyptic world with some really rich pixel animation. Coming in 2020.

Freedom finger by Wide Right Interactive is a cartoonish shmup with music by Red Fang and other metal bands.

Polygon Treehouse and United Label with Roki. Looks like a very cool (cold) exploration game set in the North.

Torchlight 2 by Perfect World Interactive is coming to Switch on Sept. 3.

Skater XL by Easy Day Studios is a classic skate game, really good-looking, promises total board control and physics based gameplay “like never before.” “No two tricks are ever the same.” Coming to Switch in 2020.

Youropa by Frecle is a gravity defying platformer puzzle game set in a deconstructed Paris, France. Reminds me of Super Monkey Ball a little bit.

Superhot is coming to the Switch today! Yo!!!!

Dungeon Defenders: Awakened, by Chromatic Games is coming to Switch as a timed console exclusive in February 2020.

The Touryst, by Shin’en, is a Voxel-based exploration, survival and puzzle platformer game where you can play at an arcade, explore deserted islands, swim to the bottom of the ocean, and explore tombs. Looks really stylish. Comes out in November 2019.

Skellboy by Fabraz allows you to swap out armor… and body parts. Nasty! And interesting! Comes out December 3, 2019.

Earth Night by Cleaversoft. Dragons have conquered the earth, and you’re gonna run across their backs, Sonic-style. There’s even a dope skydiving section. The art oscillates between cartoonish and classic, and I very much dig it. Coming to Switch in 2019.

Dennaton and Devolver Digital is releasing the Hotline Miami Collection on Switch TODAY. That’s another wild announcement.

Other games coming soon: Blasphemous, Close to the Sun, Cat Quest II, Spiritfarer, Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince, Creature in the Well, One Finger Death Punch 2, Best Friend Forever, PHOGS!, What the Golf?, HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed, Northgard, Sparklite, and Munchkin: Quacked Quest.


ORI AND THE BLIND FOREST: Definitive Edition by Xbox Game Studios is coming to the Switch on September 27, 2019. Dope. As. Hell.

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