I Just Earned Majestic Solstice Armor For My Hunter. My Advice: Don’t.

A friend of mine and I spent 18 total hours in Destiny 2 grinding through the steps necessary to get a set of Majestic (legendary) Solstice armor for our Hunters. On the other end, I don’t feel any significant sense of reward for having done so. Instead, it’s just an inky void, swallowing up my feelings of accomplishment and my enjoyment of the game in general.

I wish I could tell you to do the grind for Majestic Solstice gear in the week of Solstice of Heroes we have left. Maybe Warlock or Titan gear is easier to get. I’m not sure, and I don’t have any interest in finding out. A fun legendary Sparrow isn’t enough of a reward for me to want to grind out new characters.

As far as it goes, I would not recommend going for this gear set at all. At its easiest and least tedious, the Majestic gear run is chock full of bullshit jobs; at its worst, it serves to highlight and exacerbate the worst aspects of the worst game modes.

Honestly, if you have other gear you’re eyeing, go for that instead. There’s still two more Iron Banner rounds until Shadowkeep. The Iron Truage armor looks great, and it’s less of a headache to get.

My Hunter found a place to collapse from exhaustion after her slog through the Solstice grind.

I don’t want to be mad at Destiny 2. It’s earned a lot of “sures” from me over the years, and usually I’m able to play the game for a while without getting frustrated. I actually rage-quit a Crucible match at the end of my grind. I haven’t ever rage-quit a game before. It was a really shitty-feeling experience. I really, really hope Shadowkeep is worth it; until then, I think I’m just done.

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