Mailbag: Mobile Games Edition

In this new weekly feature, we read some of your mail and answer even less of it. Send all correspondence to

Dear No Escape,

Why do you only cover mobile games? There are other consoles, you know. Also PC games. What gives?

Immobile in Irvine

Dear Immobile,

Thanks for your email. I looked back at the last few weeks of posts and I can kind of see your point: aside from the occasional Destiny 2 or general news post, we have been pretty mobile-heavy in our coverage. There’s no major reason behind this; these are just the games that I’ve played and finished and can feel confident in talking about lately. Game releases are pretty sparse right now in general; later this year, I expect my coverage to shift accordingly.

However, I guess my main question-in-response is, why shouldn’t I cover mobile games? There are some pretty good originals, like Dandara and Sky, and a lot of ports of popular indie games to the platform. I’ve heard the argument before that mobile games don’t hold any worth in comparison to the larger video game industry, but it’s certainly more true that the mobile space has keenly influenced the rest of the industry year-over-year.

We have to be careful about dismissing an entire section of the art form because we personally don’t find value in its offerings.

Dear No Escape

You did like two episodes of the podcast and then we haven’t heard anything from it in a while. Do you plan on bringing it back or is it dead?


Pining for Podcasts in Pittsburgh

Dear Pining,

Thanks for asking! The No Escape podcast will be back as soon as I can figure out how to do it.

It’s definitely not dead, though. Totally not dead.

Dear No Escape

Fuckin SJW piece of shit rag, keep your politics out of our hobby and shut the fuck up.

Dear friend,


No Escape.

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