Hey everyone,

I wanted to make a very quick post about the ongoing content schedule here at No Escape over the next three-to-six weeks. I’ve been posting every day and I hope y’all have been enjoying it (I know I have!) but my day-job is about to pick up and I want to give all of my focus to the work I’ve got to do over there.

That doesn’t mean I won’t be posting at all; rather, I might only post something in the evening or every couple of days.

I saw this coming a while back and I’ve been really happy about the support you’ve shown thus far. We’re functionally only two weeks old, so the attention you’ve paid to the site and to the reviews and the other stuff has really been phenomenal, thank you so much!

Also, I want to say that barring some stuff happening, this shouldn’t effect planned/weekly content. Stuff like Boys Diary and the still-incoming Destiny 2: Shadowkeep lore explainer (it needs some more time in the oven too) will still get posted on their scheduled days.

I said this was going to be a “quick” post, so I don’t want to go on too much longer, but: I’ve added a contact page to the right-hand side of the blog! If you have any tips, questions, comments or concerns, if you want me to cover something, or even if you just want to say hi, drop me a line over there! It goes to a new dedicated No Escape email!

Thanks again for your support. Social links down below, including a link to our Patreon. Have a good evening!

Follow us on TwitterInstagram and Facebook. If you want to support No Escape with dollars I guess, check out our Patreon!

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