Hi, I’m Trevor Hultner. I’m a journalist-by-night who has had work published in the Oklahoma Gazette, WhatCulture, New Normative and CounterPunch. Now I’m writing No Escape, a blog about video games and the politics that inform them.

What is No Escape? Is it video game journalism? Is it cultural criticism? Is it angry polemics about the awful things going on in the world through the lens of video games? I mean, yes. It’s all of those things. But it’s also first impressions of new games for iOS, for example, or little moments that I experienced in a game that I thought were really beautiful or an absurdly big day-by-day walkthrough of Final Fantasy XV as though it were a real travelogue. 

Because video games. 

I was going to write something else there, but I think that’s ultimately what it boils down to. Video games are art, video games are political, they are rich with cultural meaning and significance, they give us new languages to talk about and see and experience the world. 

I have been really fucking disheartened over the past few years, watching this cornucopia of voices and perspectives that come from people who love and make and talk about video games and other pop culture utterly silenced by fascists. I’m sick of being passive while this shit keeps happening. I want to give people a place where they can resist the fascist takeover of this art form. I want to see that cornucopia explode back onto the stage in all of its radical, diverse glory. 

If you think video games are culturally important, if you think video games have something to say and that we should talk about that, if you are tired of reactionaries claiming video games for themselves at the expense and outright harm of creators of color, queer and trans creators, and creators who have been dubbed as “social justice warriors” over the past few years, then No Escape is for you.

I’m asking for your support as I make this project happen, but I am also going to couch that with a caveat: at no point will I ever gate this work behind a paywall. I will never let ads onto my website. I will never put monetization over the work being freely accessible. I’m writing for everyone.

So if you feel like doing so, you’re free to throw in a couple bucks! If you don’t have the cash, that’s alright. What I’d ask is, please share the work. That’s the most valuable thing to me. My entire goal is to inspire, thought-provoke and spark joy with the things I write about. So help me out in that. Thanks 🙂

Four Tiers!

You can join at the $1, $5, $10 or $25/month level, and get access to neat stuff for doing so!

A Bunch of Goals!

Everything is in here, from framing my first Patreon dollar like Mr. Krabs to dying from shock at how much money folks have pledged and posthumously giving to charity with most of it!

Fueling a Dream!

Your support helps keep independent, thoughtful and empathetic media alive! So thank you!

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