Hyper Light Drifter for iOS dropped tonight, and it’s a good mobile port! Well, so far. I’ve played about 1/8 of the first leg of the game, and the sword combat feels pretty good. I haven’t done a lot with extra mechanics yet.

Even though I’ve already played and beat the game on PC, and even picked it up on Xbox One, Hyper Light Drifter remains a good time. The way Abylight Studios has incorporated haptic feedback is super interesting and helps with the environmental storytelling.

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I haven’t had a chance to see the new content, but there is a peek of it on the new game page: New Game Alt. After you beat the game on normal, you can play New Game Alt and unlock a new character, so that’s pretty exciting.

One aspect I’m concerned about is the floaty movement using multitouch controls. I’ve run into situations now where enemies can just skewer me because I’m stuck running into a wall. We’ll see if that improves and if the controller experience is better.

Also there’s this weird border along the side of my phone screen while I play. Not sure what’s up there.

Disasterpeace’s soundtrack is ethereal as ever, and nothing stylistically has been lost in the shuffle: this is still a great looking game, and for only $5 it’s a great deal as well. Check this out on the iOS App Store and the Google Play store.

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