Indie PC and Console Classic Hyper Light Drifter Coming to iOS, Android

From developer Heart Machine and publisher Abylight Studios comes a mobile port of an indie classic, Hyper Light Drifter. This challenging game captivated me in 2016 when it first launched, and now it’s coming to mobile!

Its colorful level designs, incredibly difficult combat and immersive soundtrack by Disasterpeace is what sets Hyper Light Drifter apart from other games of its caliber.

With the mobile release, Heart Machine and Abylight are promising 120fps gameplay on iPad Pro and 60fps gameplay on regular iPads and iPhones. Additionally, the game will be compatible with MFi controllers and will include new weapons, enemies and areas.

I’m hype! Are you hype? Because I’m hype! Hyper Light Drifter is due out on July 25.

Published by Trevor Hultner

Hi! I’m a writer. Follow me on Twitter, @noescapevg and @illicitpopsicle.

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