Oh Hey, There’s A New FFVII: Remake Trailer!

Square-Enix revealed some new gameplay and cutscene footage from the long-in-development remake of Final Fantasy VII today, during Sony’s State Of Play livestream.

We got to hear character voices! See major explosions! Cloud’s sword is as unrealistically big as ever!

Of note is the live combat, instead of the ATB system the original FFVII used. While everything certainly looks like Final Fantasy VII, it’s sure to feel like Square-Enix’s more recent romp, Final Fantasy XV. And there might be a good reason for that.

Over at Kotaku, Jason Schreier reminds us that since this remake was announced in 2015, the game has been moved from a third-party developer back to Square-Enix’s internal development teams. It’s likely that the game is being developed in the same engine FFXV was made in, and likely will mash together elements both old and new. But we don’t know any of that for sure right now, because:

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